Tayto Centaurus

Tayto Centaurus is our most liked outlet in the center of Islamabad at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad. We make our 'CUSTOMERS FALL IN LOVE' with state of the art seating Dinning Expierence. 

We have a vision to lead the market with best product, unmatched service and above all a very  satisfied customer. We make sure it’s always a treat coming up with new products and innovative recipes are not easy, especially when it’s a regular thing. But we know that is where we can win our customers and competition.

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Make us best in town


Enjoy free high-speed wifi. Simply ask any of our staff members for login details. Now you are all set to do your any sort of work or enjoy uninterrupted video streaming and downloads as much as you want!


Get our delicious food at your doorstep. We offer fast delivery services. Just place your order and the food will be delivered within minutes. The service is absolutely free!

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It's all at your fingertips, the food you love. Find the right food to suit your mood, and make the first bite last. Go ahead, download us.

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Tayto Centaurus
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